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The Cetbix Windows Manager for Professionals 2.7 (WMP v2.7) enables the detection of zero-days in advance. It enables the detection of all unpatched security aspects of Windows. It also checks password policies, firewalls, anti-virus status, SMB status, LAPS, file sharing, motherboard, RAM, graphics card, application versions, drivers and more. Organisations can transfer this data to their Cetbix Dashboard or save it locally as a .txt file. It allows organisations to monitor their corporate endpoints and system setup and configuration. Cetbix WMP helps improve IT operations by tracking all computer setups. Cetbixwmp png.png

Cetbix WMP helps organisations keep hotfixes and updaates up to date, which can sometimes be a daunting task. Cetbix WMP allows you to assess which updates are critical, which are moderate and which are unimportant. Cetbix WMP is an automated tool that makes your job easier. It maintains a database of monitored systems and their patch status. The results can then be compared with your database of the ideal configuration and systems to be updated.